Diet for Heart Health: Health Benefits of Apple for Cardiovascular Health
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Diet for Heart Health: Health Benefits of Apple for Cardiovascular Health

Health benefits of apple are incomplete without mentioning heart health benefits of apple. This delicious fruit is rich in heart healthy vital nutrients. Regular intake of apple can reduce the chances of developing heart disease significantly. It must be noted that like the apple flesh- apple skin also contains important nutrients. So, apple should be eaten with the skin to get maximum nutritional benefits. Apple is an excellent fruit for cardiovascular health.

Apple is an extremely healthy fruit and it can boost the overall health quite significantly. Both apple and apple juice are considered excellent for the health. New studies on apple have proved that there’s a strong connection between apple and heart health. Today apple is considered as one of the best heart healthy foods. Apple can improve heart health and it can be used in many heart healthy recipes. Eating a medium sized apple everyday can improve the overall health conditions and keep the heart healthy. Many of the apple nutrients present in the skin of the apple that is why an apple should be eaten with the skin to get maximum health benefits.

Apple is the strong sources of Vitamin C and dietary fiber. Great thing about apple is it contains both types of fiber- soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. The flesh of the apple contains soluble fiber and the skin of the apple provides insoluble fiber. Both of these are very good for the health but soluble fiber is more important for the heart health.  Pectin is a soluble fiber that plays important role in promoting the heart health. Apple is extremely rich in many phytonutrients or plant compounds. Polyphenols in apple can be found in large amounts which are very beneficial for the health. Some of the well known health promoting polyphenols in apple are quercetin, myricetin, catechins, anthocyanins, phloridizin and chlorogenic acid.


Health Benefits of Apple for Heart Health – Apple for a Healthy Heart


Apple is a strong anti-oxidant fruit and all the anti-oxidant properties of apple come from Vitamin C and polyphenols. Antioxidants are essential for protecting cells from free radical damages and preventing oxidation of cells. Apple’s anti-oxidant properties help to reduce free radical damages and protect heart from dangerous cardiovascular diseases. Oxidation of cells can lead to heart disease such as atherosclerosis. Nutrients in apple protect from the oxidation of cells, oxidation of LDL and also reduce the levels of triglycerides. In this way apple protect heart from dangerous and chronic heart diseases.

Apple nutrients promote healthy heart. Regular intake of apple can reduce bad cholesterol or LDL cholesterol levels and overall blood cholesterol levels. Apple phytonutrients and the soluble fiber pectin play major roles in the cholesterol reduction. Pectin with other phytonutrients helps to reduce the cholesterol levels. Apple also contains some anti-inflammatory properties. Anti-inflammatory activities are important to reduce heart disease and conditions. Flavonoid quercetin contains anti-inflammatory properties. By reducing inflammation it manages to protect heart from deadly diseases. Quercetin is also known for reducing the blood pressure levels.

Apple is a wonderful fruit for the heart. It should be an addition to heart healthy diet. Nutrients in apple provide vital heart health benefits and keep the heart healthy. Apple is a great food for overall diet as well. Like the whole apple fruit, health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar are also very important and helpful.

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