Evolution USAge and Benefits of Hyperbaric Chambers
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Evolution USAge and Benefits of Hyperbaric Chambers

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers have been in use since 1662. However its clinical use started in 1800’s. It has been used safely as a treatment for diving disorders since 1930’s. Initially it was developed to treat decompression sickness and gas embolism. The function of large pressurized vessel, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, is to cure decompression sickness and gas embolism by increasing the air pressure.

Hyperbolic treatment is planned as to treat the patient 90 minutes daily for 5 days per week on average. The number of treatments is decided on an individual basis. Air pressure is increased to match the pressures of the sea depth that was experience by the diver. During the treatment it increases air pressure, reduces the size of gas bubbles and improves the transport of blood to downstream tissues. It functions to keep the oxygen starved tissues alive by removing nitroxygen from the bubble and making it smaller until it becomes consist of oxygen only. Then it is reabsorbed in the body. After completion of bubble removal, the pressure is reduced to the level of atmosphere.

Below stated are some of the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber:

  1. HBOT increased the 100% oxygen concentration in all the tissues of the body. It works even with reduced or blocked flow of blood.
  2. It improves the blood flow to reduced circulation and arterial blockage areas by stimulating the growth of new blood vessels.
  3. To improve the blood flow to compromised organs, it functions as to increase blood vessel diameter greater than the one when therapy started.
  4. There is always the risk of developing ulcers of legs and feet in the people who suffer the insulin deficient diabetic neuropathy. Even daily medical care doesn’t work in the case of these patients. HBOT is a blessing for such people. There is a very high rate of success and survival of the patients.
  5. Oxygen is anti-inflammatory agent and the patients of asthma have been successfully treated by HBOT.
  6. Everyone can use the HBOT who wants to keep stem cell stealthier to repair body and to live longer healthy life. Hyperbaric oxygen chambers are easy to use at home but it is recommended to use it in the presence of qualified person.
  7. HBOT helps to speed up the healing process for wounds and help to repair broken bones.
  8. HBOT is helpful for the patients with radiation proctitis, which results in bleeding and recta ulcers. The survival rate of the patients is very high after this treatment.
  9. This treatment aids to the treatment of infection caused by enhancing blood cell action.
  10. HBOT is helpful to relieve pain, to fight against infections and keep weak and threatened tissues alive.
  11. It is helpful treatment for brain injury by stroke, CP or trauma. HBOT helps activate the stunned parts of the brain to start working when blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain is reduced.
  12. HBOT is also used as immune defense.
  13. Carbon monoxide has become leading cause of injury and death due to the poison produced as a result of incomplete combustion of any carbon containing fuel. HBOT is great treatment for such patients as it provides fresh oxygen to cells of body.
  14. HBOT may be helpful in patients with new diagnoses of head and neck cancer as it is being tested of such patients these days

To gain all kinds of benefits of HBOT, certain safety measures must be considered. Patient must not bring matches, lighters, watches, hearing aids and electronic devices into the chamber. It is recommended that patient stop smoking because the effectiveness of HBOT is greatly reduced in case of patients who smoke.

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Comments (2)

Interesting topic. I did some diving in the Navy. A friend got the Benz and needed this therapy. It is important to be able to clear your ears, that is pressurize the other side of your eardrums by moving your jaw or pinching your nose and blowing. I was unable to do this while training in a pressure chamber during submarine school and got an ear squeeze.. Very painful.

Yup..You seem to be having great experience .. :)