How to Make Your Own Flavored Water Using Fruit Skins
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How to Make Your Own Flavored Water Using Fruit Skins

Making your own flavored water using fruit skins is delicious and very affordable. It is also extremely healthy and a great way to lower cholesterol.

Many people buy flavored water at a local store for a hefty price. It is unaware to most people that they can make their own flavored water using fruit skins. Many people don’t eat fruit skins because they don’t like the taste. Others simply eat only certain skins such as apples and peaches. It is important to know and understand that you can use fruit skins such as oranges and lemons to lower your cholesterol. You can use a mixture of different types of fruit to make your drink vey flavorful.

To make your own flavored water, you will first want to wash your fruit and take the skins off of them. It is extremely important to wash you fruit before you consume it in case there are any pesticides that may be lingering. Next, simply place your washed fruit skins into a food processor and chop into until it is extremely thin. The texture should feel dusty. After that, fill an ice cube tray with water and place a scoop of your fruit skins into each section of your ice cube tray. Freeze your ice cubes for a few hours until it is solid. You will notice that some of your fruit skins have frozen to the top of the ice cubes and other pieces of skin will have sunk to the bottom.

You can now place your fruit skin ice cubes in a glass of cold filtered water. As the ice cubes melt, your fruit skins will start to loosen up. Be sure to chew the fruit skins thoroughly as they may be a little tough to chew. Polymethoxylated flavones, which is a compound found is fruit skins is a proven method to lower cholesterol and in many cases has been more effective than prescription drugs. Using this method is great as it is natural and doesn’t have any harmful side effects. It has been proven that making your own flavored water using fruit skins and drinking this delicious drink just a few times a week will only do positive things for your body.

Fruit skins are very fibrous and will naturally lower your cholesterol. If you suffer from high cholesterol, using fruit skins to make your own flavored water is a great tip that is not only healthy for you but very affordable. Making your own flavored water for a get together will definitely be a hit, especially for health enthusiasts.

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