Increase Your Life Expectancy by Loading Up on Fibre
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Increase Your Life Expectancy by Loading Up on Fibre

This article explains about the health benefits you get by including fibre in the usual diet. Fibre intake decreases cholesterol level, blood sugar spikes, and weight loss.

Nowadays, the incidence of people suffering from lifestyle diseases is on the rise. In fact in a new study, the average life expectancy has been reduced to 67 years old despite the technological advances this modern time has to offer.

The glaring difference between our diet and that from our forefathers is one of the causes of our plight. It has been estimated that the pre-historic intake of fibre rich foods amount to at least 46 grams. This is three times more than our normal fibre intake. The American Medical Association recommends at least 1-1 ½ servings of oats to reduce cholesterol level.

How does fibre decrease the cholesterol level?

Cholesterol is a fat-like substance found in the blood, brain, liver and bile. There are two kinds of cholesterol- HDL and LDL. High Density Lipoprotein or HDL is required in the production of hormones and bile salts. It is also removes the bad cholesterol from our blood vessels and tissues. Low Density Lipoprotein or LDL on the other hand is called the bad cholesterol. It accumulates on artery walls resulting in the hardening and narrowing of blood vessels.

It has been found out in a study done by a professor in the University of Minnesota, that fibre effectively decreases the bad cholesterol. He said that it is the soluble fibres found in oats, barley, guar, psyllium and legumes rather than the insoluble ones reduces cholesterol.

The usual cholesterol cycle


When you load up on fibre in your diet it forms a gel around bile acids. Because of this some bile acids cannot be reabsorbed in the small intestine and recycled back in into the liver. Bile acids leave the body through digestive tract. The liver then compensates by taking cholesterol out of the blood stream to make a new supply of bile acids thus reducing your cholesterol level.

Weight loss and fibre

Obesity is one of the most pressing concerns our health sector is trying to solve today. Obesity predisposes a person to a lot of chronic degenerative diseases. Simply by adding more fibre in your diet, you could start the battle to healthier lifestyle. During digestion, as the food loaded with fibre would pass down the gastro-intestinal tract it would absorb a large amount of water, this will slow down the digestive process. By slowing down the digestive process you will feel full longer thus decreasing hunger pangs and impulse of nibbling unhealthy foods.

Blood sugar and fibre

Aside from the benefit of feeling satiety when digestive process is slowed down, it also means slow down the absorption of caloric content in the intestine. Studies showed that this decreases the post-prandial levels resulting in less insulin needed to metabolize the meal. In the long run, this would lower the blood sugar level.

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Comments (12)

Great to know these facts. Fiber-rich foods are really crucial to one's health.

I don't know this after all. Nice post kababayan.

It might be lower than 67 if we don't recognized fiber as essential to our health, great issue on longevity.

Yes, you are right Ron. I have heard some cardiologists talking about a 23 year old man having his first heart attack. This number is certainly scary.

Vted up. Interesting

Fiber is absolutely necessary to lower cholesterol level but with foods being overly processed, we're missing out on this valuable nutrient.

EK Encarnacion

I eat Fitnesses and Banana Clusters. They're really good.

Thank you for your astute information for better health .

A good reminder Mach, nag eenjoy kami masyado sa karne :(

Those on the Atkins diet should read your article. I've known about oats for years. Fiber is our friend!

You are right, things are getting worse and a large part is due to lifestyle. Good article

Important to know so sharing this at FB, thanks.