Natural Remedy for Lowering Cholesterol
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Natural Remedy for Lowering Cholesterol

There are several ways to lower cholesterol naturally. Many people find that one of the easiest ways to do this is by changing what they eat on a regular basis. Sometimes persons develop cholesterol problems because they have a lot of the types of foods that can help to increase their LDL and HDL level.

A natural remedy for lowering cholesterol can reduce your level of bad cholesterol significantly. Many people prefer these alternatives because they are cheaper. Other people like them because they are more appealing to the senses and are easier to integrate into their daily lifestyle. For some persons, the most important factor is that natural remedies for lowering cholesterol have fewer side effects.

Natural Remedy for Lowering Cholesterol: Take Vitamin C and Vitamin E

Studies have been conducted for several years to discover whether Vitamin E and Vitamin C can help people to lower their cholesterol level. Vitamin E has been taken by people who have high cholesterol levels and need to prevent or treat heart disease. Vitamin C has been shown to help decrease triglycerides and cholesterol if about 2 grams of it are taken every day.

People can have vitamin C in fruit juice that they make themselves or purchase. They can also get the required amount to help maintain good heart health by having pomegranates, cherries, blackberries and moringa fresh. These fruits can be included in desserts, like yogurt or enjoyed on their own. Moringa leaves can be added to soup or salads. The leaves can also be added to your  for extra vitamins and protein.

Natural Remedy for Lowering Cholesterol: Include more Fiber in Your Diet

Sources of fiber have been shown to help lower cholesterol levels in the body. Fruits like bananas and apples and vegetables like carrots and okras are some of the foods that help in this way. Having boiled green plantains, dasheen, sweet potatoes and sweet cassava also helps.

Natural Remedy for Lowering Cholesterol: Substitute Plant Protein for Animal Protein

Several studies have shown that people who switch to a diet that includes more plant protein and less animal protein have been able to lower their cholesterol levels. For example, persons may switch from using cow’s milk to soy milk, if they are not allergic to soy. They may have more legumes in their dishes and less beef, pork or veal. If you need to lose weight and have been using a Zi Xiu Tang weight loss regimen, making changes such as this in your diet will also help.

People who ingest large amounts of walnuts also see a drop in their cholesterol levels. Walnuts contain Alpha-Linoleic acid, which is an omega three fatty acid. Almonds are being studied to determine whether they also have this effect.

Natural Remedy for Lowering Cholesterol: Take Omega Three Fatty Acids

Omega three fatty acids have been shown to be beneficial to people with cholesterol problems. People may take these in capsules, or eat fish that are high in them. When DHA and EPA are taken in doses of about 3 grams per day by people with heart disease, they see an improvement in their condition.

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Comments (2)

Very good article but one thing was left out - eating plenty of eggs which have super abundant amounts of "good" cholesterol needed to combat the "bad."  Thank you for sharing Sharifa.

Thanks for sharing that Beverly. You are right about the effect that eggs can have. They increase the size of the lipoprotein particles and this makes it harder for them to enter artery walls. I didn't mention it because studies also indicate that it increases the concentrations of both types of cholesterol.